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Redirecting you to Cubbi to create your ad...
Redirecting you to Cubbi to create your ad...
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"I found a tenant in 6 days"

Perth WA

"Easy to setup your ad and enquiries in real time"

Brisbane QLD

"Cant remember the last time I experienced such great all round service"

Melbourne VIC

"My property is leased for 12 months with virtually no effort on my part"

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Standard features

Every listing includes. Free

  • Advertise until you find a tenant
  • Create, edit and relist your property in minutes
  • Receive tenant enquiries and applications instantly.
  • Gain access to Cubbi’s renter waitlist
  • Phone, email, live chat support
  • Access to available add-ons including screening tools
  • Access to upgrade to premium advertising on

Advertising packages

Try before you buy. Limited exposure.
Until leased
Best for experienced private landlords who just want to advertise.
Everything in Free plus:
  • Advertise on
  • Advertise on
  • Advertise on
  • Advertise on 8 other sites
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Until leased
Best for first-time private landlords who want more guidance.
Everything in Standard plus:
  • Real estate support
  • Pre-listing strategy call
  • Campaign review
  • Virtual rent estimate
  • 3 Months Cubbi free
Go Premium
Get Quote
For those who advertise regularly.
Standard advertising package at a discounted rate.
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Available add ons

Our range of available add-ons are here to help if you need them.

National tenancy database check

Check to see if a tenant is listed as a bad tenant on the national tenant backlist.

Professional tenant screening

We professionally sceen all your application and provide a recommendation.

Self-manage platform

Once you find a tenant, use our other site Cubbi to make the management easy.

Upgrade listing on

Contact for pricing
Get your ad up higher on for greatest exposure.

For lease sign

1200x900mm (4x3) large signboard. Installed within 1-2 days.

Professional Photos

From $300
Hire a professional photographer for good quality photos.

Professional Copy

Hire a professional to a write compelling ad copy to attract the best tenants.

Campaign Review

We review your ad campaign and recommend changes to attract more tenants.

Virtual Rent Estimate

Professional comprehensive rent estimate delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

3D Virtual Tour

Contact for pricing
Virtual inspections help secure renters without needing to show the property.
How it works

Advertise and find a tenant

Step 1


Create your free account to start creating your listing so everything can be saved.
Step 2


Enter property details, upload photos, description, available date etc. When your ready, choose your advertising package, pay and publish your listing to go live.
Step 2


Communicate with prospective tenants who enquire and review appications submitted.
Step 4


Choose your preferred tenant and sign a lease to secure your tennt before removing your listing.
Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

You can also send any questions to
How long will my ad appear on and other websites?
Your ad will appear on all the websites until you choose to unpublish your listing or when you lease your property.
Can I make changes to my listing after it is live?
Absolutely! You can edit your listing at any time via our owner portal - even when it’s live. Change your photos, revamp your description, add new inspection times, update the rent amount - whatever you like! Your changes will be automatically updated on all the sites within 15min.
Can I upgrade my listing on ?
Yes. After you have advertised your property on all the websites you may decide to upgrade the listing on to get more exposure.

You can upgrade to a Feature Listing, Highlight Listing or Premiere Listing. If you are considering upgrading we typically recommend the Highlight (as a minimum). All upgrades last for 30 days.

It's not cheap to upgrade but it is effective. Prices are per suburb and subject to change.

As a side note - you can't always upgrade your listing on when you list through competing websites.

Comparison chart below:

Please Contact us for pricing
What types of properties can I advertise using Rent My Estate?
Rent My Estate is for residential properties only. We do not advertise commercial properties such as shops, cafes, warehouses etc. As long as the zoning of a property is residential, you’ll be able to advertise your property through us.
Can I pause my ad and re-advertise at a later date for free?
Yes! You can re-advertise your property again for free within 60 days of removing your listing. Be sure to publish the same listing.

This helps to ensure that owners can ‘pause’ their advertising for a period if they need to and are protected if a new tenant doesn’t end up moving in.

After the 60 days you will need to choose your advertising package and pay.

This is unique to Rent My Estate and you won't find this type of option elsewhere.
Are there any other ongoing fees once I find tenant?
No, you can simply advertise your property and that's it! All you need to do is remove you listing once you find a tenant and you won't be charged any other fees.

If you want more guidance and help once you find a tenant use the Cubbi self-management platform (first 3 months free). If you decide to take up this option all you need to do is approve your tenant via the owner portal and you'll be on your way. Doing this will setup the lease in Cubbi and for payments to be collected prior to your tenant moving in. This is a great option if you are new to self-managing and want to make it easy while saving on agent fees.
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Redirecting you to Cubbi to create your ad...
Redirecting you to Cubbi to create your ad...
Pay nothing until you are ready to publish
Why Rent My Estate

Retain control of your rental property.

Take control
with access to the same tools & services that professionals use to find and secure great tenants.
Save approx $2,000
for every property you manage without an agent and maximise your rental return.
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