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Bond Change of Owners VIC


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If a new owner takes over the management of a leased property, both the previous and new landlord must complete and sign a Landlord Transfer Form.

Steps to complete

  • To complete a Landlord Transfer Form click the link above to access RTBA online
  • Ensure popups are enabled, enter your bond ID and family name
  • Select 'landlord' and then 'search'
  • Follow the prompts to generate a Landlord Transfer Form
  • Make sure both the previous and new landlords have signed the form
  • Mail the completed and signed form to RTBA, Locked Bag 007 Wendouree VIC 3355


  • Landlord Transfer forms must be sent to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) within five business days of the changeover
  • For more information visit Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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