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Landlords should not prevent tenants from enjoying your property in complete peace, privacy and comfort but there are a few exceptions where landlords in Western Australia have the legal right to enter the premises however sometimes an Entry Form MUST be used.

Steps to complete

  • Download the Entry Notice form
  • Read the form THOROUGHLY to see if the form is nessisancy for you to issue and find out extra information
  • Fill in the form regarding your reason for entry
  • Pass onto your tenant


  • Find out the Landlords exact rights of entry here.
  • Entry can only occur between 8 am – 6 pm on a weekday, 9 am – 5 pm on a Saturday, or any other time agreed between landlord and tenant.
  • The entry notice can be issued without first having to make a reasonable attempt to negotiate a day and time for entry however it usually is a good idea to organise the entry time with the tenant before handing them the Entry Notice form.
  • If the landlord has attempted to organise a time with the tenant that suits the tenant and given proper notice and the tenant has not attempted to make these arrangements landlords can enter using their spare key even if the tenant is not home.

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